rythms times, 12 compositions by Cyril Hernandez

12 compositions by Cyril Hernandez on soundcloud




cosmophonies, 2 compositions by Cyril Hernandez

2 extracts from  the cosmophonies project, show, installation, participative creation…



les pieds sur terre de Cyril Hernandez

2 musics by Cyril Hernandez for Bloom, la radio des enfants. (the children's radio)



hernandez-boscain macé - improbabile

Hernandez-Boscain-Macé trio presents Improbabile


Cyril Hernandez, percussion and electronic / Ugo Boscain, doublebass clarinette  / Tristan Macé, Bandonéon

recorded in january 2019 at "studio de Meudon".




 An experimental playlist with some musics composed by Cyril Hernandez